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Boosts Profits and Efficiency, Automate and Optimize Funding and Purchase Advices

OptiFunder is a full-service platform, automating funding through loan sale to over 60 warehouse lenders and recently launched automated wire data check to add a layer of protection against wire fraud.

chrisman-masthead-2-300x300OptiFunderSM was founded in 2019 as an enterprise software platform to make the cost of short-term funding capital more predictable for mortgage bankers. With patented AI/ML decisioning, the system factors multiple dynamic datapoints and chooses the best warehouse facility for each loan to achieve optimal financial performance. It’s expanded to a full-service platform we call the Warehouse Management System; it automates funding through loan sale to over 50 warehouse lenders and recently launched automated wire data check to add a layer of protection against wire fraud. In 2022, the platform grew more than 300% and now 1 in every 8 loans funded by IMBs is funded via OptiFunder.

Our employees are passionate about service: it’s in OptiFunder’s DNA. One of the reasons we offer generous PTO is to empower our team members to serve outside of work and enrich the lives of others. We’re loaded with dynamic volunteers who coach Special Olympics, run charitable events for veterans, serve on community boards, support local athletic programs, serve as disability advocates, feed the hungry, volunteer for clients’ charity events, and bring thought leadership to MBA and industry groups. Rather than standing behind a single cause, we celebrate those our employees champion.

Our team is full of smart people with initiative, curiosity and creativity. All have come to OptiFunder with remarkable learning agility and ambition, so we make learning part of everything we do. When you’re the first to solve industry challenges or break technical barriers, you have to create a space where ideas and innovation can come from anyone, anytime. We encourage our employees to pursue education formally and informally, and to bring adjacent knowledge and skills. If you were to peek behind the curtain, you’d see employees at all levels sharing experiences and new tricks, our CEO hopping on a call with configuration analysts to work a problem, developers walking through solutions with warehouse specialists. We move fast, so learning in the flow of work is critical.

OptiFunder is a majority WFH company. We found amazing people all over the U.S., and we prioritized having the best talent over concentrating geographically. This means we must be committed to inclusion and creative with our collaboration tools. Our communication channels are always open and active, and we respect everyone’s time away from the desk. We also laugh a lot together. Sure, we’re solving complex problems, but we enjoy each other and find the humor in our shared experience. This formula not only works for us, it works for how we interact with our coast-to-coast clients. We built our onboarding, training, performance support and engagement models to shine remotely, though we always love seeing our clients (and each other) in person.

Many of us at OptiFunder are industry veterans, and we’ve been on the other side of partnerships and service agreements. When we came together, we vowed that we’d treat our customers in a way that delights them and avoid the irritations we’ve all experienced. This is not just for the sake of client retention, it’s because we believe the people we serve should feel valued and supported. Saying it’s easy, but delivering on the promise, means having employees who show empathy, embrace accountability, and fully commit to excellence. When our clients tell us we are different, that they love working with us, that our approach is refreshing, we feel a deep sense of pride and gratitude.

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