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Built for Joint Ventures and Complex Relationships

Originators in joint ventures and affiliate relationships are trending in mortgage. Clients/prospects ask us, “Is that something you can handle?" Not only can we handle it - we were BUILT for it.

OptiFunder is a great fit for lenders who have complex relationships because we help optimize and automate so much of the lending process. We offer:

  • Consultative approach and process review to ensure optimal set up
  • Multiple LOS platform/instance support
  • Fully customizable user views aligned to org structure
  • Customization of warehouse capacity management, including comingled or designated lines
  • Warehouse performance metrics available at the JV/affiliate and parent level
  • Facilitation of transfers/sweeps between warehouse lines
  • Accommodation of multiple purchase processes between JV/affiliate and parent

Considering a Joint Venture or participating in one already? Consult with an expert at OptiFunder. We can make it easier.

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