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Equity Prime Mortgage Partners with OptiFunder

Equity Prime Mortgage Selects OptiFunder to Optimize and Automate Loan Funding through Post-Closing.

Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM) of Atlanta puts their trust in OptiFunder for optimization and automation of warehouse allocation and funding through loan sale.

OptiFunderTM announces Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM) as the latest independent mortgage originator to leverage its Warehouse Management System which includes an optimized decision engine for funding allocations and automation of tasks such as funding requests, data wire checks, shipping instructions and purchase advice reconciliation.

“We were interested in the platform automation to increase efficiencies,” said Eddy Perez, CEO & Founder of Equity Prime. “But when OptiFunder ran a back-test to compare actual warehouse allocation and expense data against their decision engine, the data spoke for itself.”

OptiFunder was founded in 2019 by industry veteran Michael McFadden to bring the science of optimization and the efficiencies of automation to independent mortgage originators. The result is a user-friendly system which reduces funding expense for OptiFunder clients and condenses hours of work to a few clicks.

“Automating our funding process means we can focus more attention on customer service and serving our borrowers,” said Perez. “OptiFunder’s software aligns with our vision. By streamlining our processes and providing higher levels of customer service, we can provide a personalized experience to accomplish our borrowers’ individual goals.”

“I built OptiFunder to integrate the relationship between warehouse lender and mortgage banker and create efficiencies and savings for both parties,” Michael McFadden, CEO of OptiFunder stated. "With this year's challenges, many mortgage bankers are eager to utilize OptiFunder's optimized decisioning to reduce their warehouse expense, which is one of the largest items on their P&L. Having optimized decisioning, useful, aggregated analytics and automated warehouse funding in one platform is transformational for our clients.”

Schedule a demo with OptiFunder to request a back-test to see how much you could reduce warehouse expense. Take control of your warehouse allocations with automated decisioning and dynamic insights.


About Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM)
Equity Prime Mortgage LLC is a licensed mortgage lender whose operations extend across the country (50 states). We provide a variety of mortgage products to assist borrowers with finding solutions to all their mortgage needs. EPM believes in helping people achieve the dream of homeownership, focusing on the relationship and differentiating themselves with a service-driven method. EPM is an approved Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer.

About OptiFunder Corp.
OptiFunder revolutionizes the way originators fund loans by providing real time decisions on where to fund every loan to achieve the best financial performance and connects all interested parties in the warehouse process. OptiFunder is a fully integrated and automated Warehouse Management System for mortgage originators, automating the submission of data and documents between originator, warehouse facilities and the capital market. Visit to learn more.


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