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OptiFunder Launches New Warehouse Lending Solution called Greyhound

OptiFunder launches Greyhound, a highly configurable, modern-day warehouse lending solution. Greyhound provides new options for warehouse lenders looking for alternatives to legacy solutions.

OptiFunder, the pioneer of the Warehouse Management System (WMS), was founded in 2018 to bring optimization and automation to warehouse lending. An award-winning mortgage software company, OptiFunder announced a revolutionary software for warehouse lenders, called Greyhound by OptiFunder, featuring the same scalability, security, and automation from its flagship solution.

Over the last five years, OptiFunder has developed the most comprehensive warehouse management system for mortgage originators. With 40 percent of top IMBs on OptiFunder’s roster, 1 in every 7 loans funded across IMBs go through the OptiFunder system. Built by a team of mortgage professionals, the OptiFunder software not only reduces risk, but the user-friendly system condenses hours of manual work into automated tasks. From funding through loan sale, OptiFunder has automated the entire process for many originators. OptiFunder’s innovative solutions and remarkable growth earned it a top 100 spot on Inc5000’s Fasting Growing Private Companies in 2023. From 2020 – 2023, HousingWire has named OptiFunder a Tech100 Mortgage Winner, and in 2023 OptiFunder was recognized as a Progress in Lending Innovations Winner.

“We wanted to create a platform for warehouse lenders that would run independent of OptiFunder but leverage the same technology and incredible team,” said CEO Michael McFadden. “While Greyhound represents a new brand, the underlying software, configurability, and proven rules engine have already routed and funded nearly a million loans with over 70 warehouse lenders.”

Greyhound provides new options for warehouse lenders looking for alternatives to legacy solutions. With its security-first design, highly configurable workflow, seamless integrations, and unparalleled efficiency, Greyhound is an ideal fit for warehouse lenders looking to grow market share in today’s challenging environment. With effortless client onboarding, robust reporting, and simple loan ingestion from originators, warehouse lenders of all sizes can easily scale their business with minimal cost and complexity.

OptiFunder appreciates its highly experienced team of professionals with over 125 years of mortgage banking experience, offering generous flexibility for work/life balance and volunteer work. Being part of OptiFunder means being first to market with breakthrough solutions.

OptiFunder is most proud of its customers’ experiences and positive feedback with not only the software, but with the whole team. “We’re a technology company,” said McFadden, “but it’s the direct feedback I get around our people at OptiFunder that means the most to me.”

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