Revolution Mortgage Talks About Success with OptiFunder for Full Automation

Listen as Femi Ayi from Revolution Mortgage talks about their use of the OptiFunder system for funding, clearing notes, purchase advice reconciliation and more.

(Audio) Femi Ayi, VP Branching Operations at Revolution Mortgage


Columbus, Ohio; St. Louis, MO; May 14, 2024 – Revolution Mortgage, a nationwide lender, has put its trust in OptiFunder’s automated Warehouse Management System for end-to-end automation from funding through loan sale.

“We leverage a lot of technologies to have really efficient workflows,” said Femi Ayi, VP of Branching Operations at Revolution Mortgage. “If you want to reduce the cost of manufacturing a mortgage, shorten your lifecycle. We use OptiFunder to automate our funding system through how the warehouses are working. We’re using it to automate where our wires are coming from, send the wires out, and get our reference numbers back. We were even able to eliminate an existing partner to leverage OptiFunder’s purchase advice automation.”

Founded in 2019 by industry veteran Michael McFadden to bring optimization and automation efficiencies to originators, OptiFunder now automates the entire funding process for mortgage originators. OptiFunder’s user-friendly system reduces warehouse expense by an average of 10% or more and condenses hours of work to a few clicks. With connections to more than 170 warehouse lenders and investors, OptiFunder offers the most comprehensive automation from funding through loan sale.

“Revolution Mortgage has been a great partner,” said McFadden. “We built OptiFunder to integrate relationships between the primary and secondary markets, creating efficiencies for both, and Revolution has continued to put their trust in us to do just that. It’s transformational for originators to offload manual copying/pasting activities and logging in/out of portals. Our system really streamlines the process for them.”

“Our funders love the ability to identify and select multiple items and send the request out.” said Ayi. “OptiFunder has taken a process that we have to do dozens, if not hundreds, of times per day to a few clicks. Two thumbs up for ease-of-use and lowering your manufacturing time.” Watch Ayi talk about Revolution’s experience with the OptiFunder system.


About Revolution Mortgage
Leveraging technology to boost efficiencies in the loan process, Revolution Mortgage is a nationwide lender that offers lower rates and payments for refinancing and home purchase loans. Founded in Columbus, Ohio, Revolution is a direct retail lender licensed in 45 states, with over 300 active loan officers and nearly 80 branches across the country.

About OptiFunder
OptiFunder revolutionizes the way originators fund loans by providing real-time decisions on where to fund every loan to achieve the best financial performance and connects all interested parties in the warehouse process. OptiFunder is a fully integrated and automated Warehouse Management System for mortgage originators, automating funding through loan sale.

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